CoasterFlip, the classic European Pub game, has finally made it to North America. Learn the basics then Stack 'em, Flip 'em and Catch 'em! Master the many challenging ways to play CoasterFlip then create & share your own original CoasterFlip games!

How to Play


Master all the exciting and challenging CoasterFlip games. Play with your friends and try to flip the tallest stack. Be the first to top a cup or flip the most coasters in a minute! Share your most amazing flips and your own original CoasterFlip games; we would love to see them.

Official Games


CoasterFlip is simple, yet challenging and extremely addictive. All you need is a stack of CoasterFlip Coasters and a table with a straight edge. Beverages and friends are optional - but definitely add to the fun! Check out the how to video to learn the basics, then challenge yourself and play the many CoasterFlip games.

How to Play

How to Buy

CoasterFlip is now available for purchase online. For only $12 + shipping & handling you get a box of 10 pulp board coasters that are perfect for flipping and table protecting. Interested in a bulk order? Email us at and we can discuss your needs.

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